Before I get on to talking about how my trip in Singapore went, if you are a stan of One Direction as I am, I cannot even to begin with what I had to go through with this whole trip. Anyway, on the second day of our trip, I have found out that from another Twitter account to another; they stopped over in Changi Airport on the same day *fangirling*.  (so basically I was kind of breathing the same air as them but I heard that it was only Zayn , Louis, and Liam I think as I try to recall but I was so emotional that day you have no idea. Haha) 

(going back to the whole point of this blog post )
The last time I went outside of town was how many years ago in the States.  Just about a few months back, my siblings and I wanted to go somewhere that is outside the Philippines. With my brother being the athlete in the family, he was one of the players chosen to play for a couple of baseball games in Singapore. Of course I cannot contain my excitement when the news was in and that the rest of us were coming along. It was a perfect time for us to visit there almost the end of November and the start of December because with all of my favorite stores are buzzing with all of the crazy sales that has been hoarded with a crowd of people buying and spending until there's no tomorrow (literally most shops were still open from dusk to dawn).  From shopping, sightseeing, walking all the way from Bencoolen Hotel to shopping the high end stores in Orchard Road, and riding the rides in Universal Studios; it was a trip I would never forget that was worthwhile and became one of my highlights in 2014.


(^That's my brother,  took this sneaky photo and it turned out pretty cool haha)

                                            (From this photo onwards, all taken in Universal Studios!)

                                                          (^What a way to start December!!)



(*these photos were taken with my Itouch 4 when I still haven't gotten my iPhone 4S. I also edited these snaps with Vsco)

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