With the summer sun irradiating our bodies with warmth and having our "ootd"s" worn by tank tops, shorts or even crop tops I didn't mind what I was wearing for being the "spoiled fashionista" I am (coincidentally, the name of my Polyvore account you should check on that too.....if you want haha).

Don't get me wrong but you know by your whole being that you own a particular item in your closet that you just cannot get enough of wearing. I have been wearing this denim jacket for the past 2 months and I haven't relinquished on wearing this particular item which was always taken out of my closet every time (of course I wash it every time I use it haha). It has been a major staple for all of my outfits and it is an essential item that adds the finishing touch for your "ootd". With summer all over the place, wearing a denim jacket out and about can make it uncomfortable but mostly hot. I think it makes your outfit have that laid back sort of look to it. For instance, if you were to wear a striped top with black shorts it seems like a simple outfit thrown on. When the denim jacket being worn, it adds that as people in my generation would call it "aesthetic" to it.

**Note: This denim jacket that I had been wearing for awhile it does not belong to me but it is my tita's and yes, she allowed me to use it more frequently. I will, therefore invest in buying one for myself but I really cannot get enough of this jacket. Tita, if you have stumbled upon reading this I will in time return your jacket and will definitely get my own. For now, I want to say thank you for allowing me to use it often and I will take care of it like I always do.

(c) to my maid who helped me in taking these photos (Thank you!!)

Dress Human
Sunnies Studios Betty
Shoes Converse

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