A way to spend end of July is to do a quick shoot on my next outfit capsule. Trends come and go. I am not in favor of relying too much on what's in or what's not. Don't get me wrong, we do have a tendency to be on trend, but the world refashions, restyles, and redesigns on what's going to be the next big thing. I decided to use what I purchased that is way out of my budget and turn it into a look. (those overalls though)
We are all different and unique with our styles. Since I am still into the summer/ boho collection, it hasn't stopped from there. Eventually, my outfits will evolve and would add up to multiple pieces knowing that its almost the "ber" months.

I also want to thank you guys, my readers, who have been reading my blog these past few months and giving me advice/tips. This is what I've always wanted and I am in most content. It was actually difficult to choose the photos to post. I will be posting the rest in my page. (Yes! guys I have a page now)


(photos taken by our maid, Ate Inday, thank you haha!)

Top  from a bazaar
Overalls Cotton On
Hat Surplus 
Shoes Converse 

(I made this photo way back in Junior Year, so I think this would make an appropriate image for this post)

It is now the last month of leisure and gimmicks and maybe retail therapy as well. In total, that is mostly how I spend my summer. Was it actually all worth it? Did all of these leads towards to inactivity? With the span of 5 months in my hands, I had the mentality of actually doing something that is, well, productive. In the midst of it, I didn't exactly engage in any activity nor workshops, in general. I had many requests into joining these, but my mind refused. Since this is my longest vacation, I will be going into another chapter in my life (college) why not enjoy every single day without any engagement. When I mean engagement, I don't mean no engagement among peers. It allowed me the freedom to have those get-together moments with friends freely. There could be times where not one but some may have other plans of their own and maybe planning another one and another one and so on. Nonetheless, I was contented and satisfied. In that span of 5 months of God-knows-what, it brought me closer to them. I never had known that the people who've known you for so long or the people you just met would actually become a part of your life. I was blessed to have those kinds of people. My mind often drifts that if I have lost these people, will I still be the person I am today? They say you find yourself somewhere especially by the people close to you. Of course, it gave me the time to go to these events that I could not even imagine myself going but actually did. Made new memories and met new people—unforeseen. Come to think of it, by the amount of whereabouts/events I went, it measured how greatly I spend my summer without any regrets. There comes a time that we need to let go and move on. Not all ends end with an end. We make our new end and that is the beginning. Now it is time to move forward to a new and fresh start. (here I come, college)

It has come to a close so I wish an early farewell to summer 2015! You have done nothing but made this unforgettable and memorable.


Outfit post is coming your way, stay tuned!!

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