History has its roots and its branches that leads towards its events. I wasn't keen on learning history most especially Philippine history. Don't get me wrong but growing up it taught me alot. At a young age, I had been studying history my entire life but it never occurred to me that I would admire the beauty of it. When you're an art student, you learn to love not only its art but historical background. I will make this brief and just let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

(Most of these were from the Juan Luna exhibit from !3 Artists Awards in CCP taken by my blockmates, Sam and Nicole)
 Shoutout to ya'll!! :)

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After that 1-month hiatus of not posting, it came to my senses that I needed to get my keyboard and type away what had been going on as a colleague. Nearly mid-October and I already had been bombarded with such numerous tasks, performances, and let's not forget, PLATES. If you are an art student, most especially a multimedia arts student, it makes your perspective broaden in a sense that you see a whole new different world– but most of all more plates

We went to this museum that is located in our building, which were full of various artists' works. It kept it minimal and crafted. It is called The Vexed Contemporary. I haven't evoked whether I had or had not been to an art museum. You've probably are wondering as to why this MMA student hasn't been to an art museum. I suppose an art gallery counts? Taking time and looking at the artworks, it made me realized how much these people are passionate and are willing to showcase their art in having the time and aspiration in what truly makes an artist. Without further ado, here are the art pieces that made me feel in awe. I wasn't able to take as much photos but here is what I had collated. Enjoy!

Photos taken by Praise & Maxine (hello guys)


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