On the 25th of January a girl named Camila Johanna Colina Cruz has stepped foot to another adolescent year where she has to make THOSE decisions. She has visions and has big plans ahead of her journey.

Why, Hello! I am terribly, truly, and deeply sorry for not posting for the past how many weeks after my birthday. As I posted twice on Instagram about this post (which was long overdue) and I have promised that I would post right after. I am back after almost a month I guess? Haha. As you can see by my birthday agenda, there was some hang outs with family, and my dear friend, Kate. I lived by the simple things instead of celebrating my 17th going out to parties, of course because I am still in fact a minor. After living those 16 years of overwhelming fuss and drama, and challenges faced; I definitely learned so much through that span.

I would like to give you all an insight on the I way dress. Okay, that escalated quickly from talking about how I spent my birthday to knowing what my personal style is (*Style starts playing by Taylor Swift haha*) Anyway, my personal get-up would lean towards the 90's vintage, monochromatic, "floral-escent", and lastly bohemian (and of course affordable!). When it comes to mixing and matching, I avoid going overboard at the same time, keeping it real; keeping it ME. I was actually contemplating on what to wear for my birthday (of course you want to look your absolute best on your special day right?) and that gave me the idea of channeling Vanessa Hudgens into one style. Getting inspired from other people's style helps me in creating my way of putting on clothing. If you feel that you are not brave enough to add some finesse to your outfit, why the heck not? I think you should go for it and be confident. One of the steps in improving one's self esteem is that to take chances especially when it is about appearance. CONFIDENCE is the key. If you worry too much on how you look like and care what everybody else thinks, then it's their problem. Always look your best not for others but for yourself.

That is all for now my beautiful people, keep your head up high and see you all real SOON.


Top // from a bazaar
Cotton On Traveller Trim Short
Sunnies Studios Betty

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