On the 25th of March, the most devastated news that it has been stated that Zayn Javadd Malik is leaving One Direction. The boy band that turned my life around and brought joy when I was at my lowest point. Many people might say, "Oh they're just a boy band, who cares!", well many of us fans DO care. It may seem as petty to you, but for us it was a gutted moment that we had to encounter and witness in the public eye. This date made history but it was something that it was too painful to live by. It seems a bit overreacting that "sad" is an understatement but these 5 boys just made an impact to many of their fans around the world. Don't get me wrong but I do respect his decision but yes it is still heartbreaking.

I was reading countless number of tweets on my timeline and what we can do now that is that to continue to be there for them. What struck me the most is that when other people who aren't as much fans of them still sending their word out to Zayn and us "directioners", "fans" as well. Thank you so much. As I am trying to sink this all in, I just want to thank One Direction for the people I've met, I've talked to in social media, especially in Twitter because of our fondness of this boy band. Everything we had to deal with despite the drama and any other nonsense we manage to cope everything up. We never know what would happen after this but in time I do hope there is a beam of light that shines through the dark (see what I did there?). In all seriousness, let us see and continue to support these boys like we always do.

We will miss you lots Zayn, and so the other lads as well. We love you no matter what and stay strong! X

Photo Courtesy: Teen Vogue


I'm going to miss their photo shoots and what they do during photo shoots with silly pranks, antics, etc. (sigh)


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