Look at me, Mom!—(You're my # 1)


With all of that's stuff running through my mind—future blog posts, I want to take this time of sharing a very important person in my life 24/7. Yes, since it's a few days before the occasion, you guessed it—my mom. Of all that she's done and conquered: sacrifices, bruises, challenges, and difficulties. She is the strongest, the most selfless, and the most caring person I know. Those are the typical and common qualities of a parent or family member has but with her person—she is unique. Her uniqueness in a way is that besides her inner "mother"—it is her youth. Well, long story short I was created within my mom and dad's college years.

As per usual, I am always mistaken as upon relations to my mom as a "sister" (tell me about it) Kidding! On a serious note, not only is in our height difference but the fact that people ask her how old she is and when she answers it just leaves them gobsmacked. With the age of 38 going 39, her fair complexion, and (sometimes) hip get-up, little do they know how much my mother went through her whole life once I stepped on the face of this earth. 

 I love you, Mommy. I know how I can be such a pain in the ass but I know your scolding and your heavy grills upon me are just a way of showing how much you care for me and for my future. I appreciate you for everything forever and always.

 It'll be an hour until midnight and I will leave you a couple of throwback pictures that I have going through my (and mom's) facebook profile. To you my fellow readers, thank you for having the time to read and check out my blog. Stay tuned for MORE posts! 

Photo Courtesy: (mom)
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