I've always wondered what is like in the outside world. When you are sheltered and in-cognizant you don't seem to know what's out there. How can this "amateur" be well aware and possibly know a facet of what's actually going on. Let alone be independent.

For starters, I survived the streets of Manila. Despite the hustle and bustle, it opened my eyes to a hard-pressed city. These people have had laborious struggles. I, myself never had experience the same struggle they had to face day and night. Everything that I ever needed was spoon-fed.

My mom and I took our time in strolling through the market in which we saw a variety of dry and wet goods, clothing, and home ware. My mom needed to grab a handful of items for the house like garments/fabrics and such. We graced our period in partaking in some fresh fruit and bought affordable broccoli (Php 50 for a bunch). That's good bargain. As college is fast approaching, my mom insisted on buying me a few pairs of jogger pants, an odd and yet an uncommon choice for my liking though. You can never have too many pants! That aside, we were able to scout a variety of clothing stalls. Although, retail therapy sounds good at that point, but we didn't bother to spend cash at any stall knowing that we needed—more likely required in my case to commute our way back home. This trip gave me a preview of what it will be like living in a world in solitude. There's a line between living and surviving. I cannot comprehend whether I was in either of those. There's only one way to find out—yourself. 

Here's 7 Things that I took note in whilst my trip to Divisoria (so should you) :

1. Mind your surroundings.

Yes, you can get lost in the mass abundance of produce, but you need to set your mind that you are not in a regular city. It could be risky with the chances of getting your wallet or even cell phone stolen. Knowing which route to take when you are in the busy streets is another mindful thing to do as well.

2. Keep your valuables securely as possible.

If you would want to bring your cell phone due to emergencies (I didn't bring mine to be safe), keep it somewhere where it is close to you. Even though you have a guardian with you, I think it is better to leave your valuables at homemost especially your cell phone. Better to be safe, than sorry!

3. Wear comfortable clothes.

Sure, it is the city, but you wouldn't want your Tory Burch or even Chanel shoes get bathe in mud, would you? A good ol' shirt and comfortable jeans (especially with those front secret pockets) and rubber shoes or perhaps those Nike trainers if you still want to look fashionable yet comfortable. Right, Conyo's of Manila? Just kidding. Peace.

4. Know your bus fare. (or any kind of fare in terms of commuting in the urban areas)

Being told in every getting-ready-for-college discussion, it is important to know how much you're traveling/commuting back and forth. Whether you are riding a tricycle, a bus, or even the jeep it is better to prepare that money beforehand. 

**Tip 1: When you are riding a bus, Php 100 to pay for it is the safest. At least you'll know how much the fare is with the spare change you will have.

2: When you are riding a tricycle, it does depend where you are going. So might as well ask to be sure.

3: When riding a jeep, the fare is around Php 8.00 (as I am told by my elders)

5. Hold on to your valuables.

When you are on the busy streets in either of these vehicles, you have to keep watch of your lovely valuables. There could be an instance where you are listening to your iPod and you could fall fast asleep without even knowing because of the long and dreadful trip in the bus. 

**Tip: When you are feeling drowsy, hold on to your bag in front of you (give it a big hug as if it is your imaginary partner or favorite boy band member)

6. STOP. LOOK (left and right). AND LISTEN.

We are frequently told about how to cross, when to cross, and when not to cross the street. Do we still follow these simple guidelines from our beloved elders? Although these things have probably kept in our minds, but sometimes those so-called-people-who-think-they-know-how-to-cross end up getting run over. Follow these SIMPLE guidelines people! 

7.  Be safe. Take care of yourself.

The real world could be an intimidating place, but following these advices from our elders will lead us to the road of safety and security. It wouldn't be that bad when you think about it though. As long as you know where and what of all things, you can surely get ahead. Who knows, you might discover things that no one else has discovered! 

Hope you were all enlightened and learned a thing or two on how I got around from my trip to Divi. These were all based from my experiences and I would gladly know how your first-timer trips went!

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