As you may know that I have been nagging about how I will be posting throwback posts which consists of pictures or maybe a video (like this one, oooh). First day of throwback week and this is my first ever vlog that I made supposedly for a school project and we were supposed to talk about our "first time" (e.g. riding a bike, eating in a good restaurant, etc). And since I'm an incoming freshman in college (I know I look like a 12 year old, I get it), I have 5 months of vacation because of the change in the curriculum in our country so I thought it would be a good idea to post what I've been doing or going to lately in that span. This is pretty much how I spent my summer and might as well share these experiences with you! So without further ado here's my FIRST.EVER.VLOG!!


In the original video it had music so I had to remove it due to copyright reasons.


I got "first upload jitters" (I don't think its a real thing though) from that and I was worried that if I didn't delete that video with the music in the background I was worried that I may be arrested but that's too overreacting of me but just to be safe right? Haha.

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