Post YouTube Fanfest Depression

Alas! The last day of bothering everyone in sharing my throwback posts. (sorry about that) As some of you may know through my Instagram posts 2 weeks ago, I went to YouTube Fanfest! For all of you YouTuber fans out there who went, it hit me badly. Here's what happened to me during YTFF!

My friend and I went to the Marriott hotel at 1 in the afternoon, it is in fact early but we didn't want to miss a thing on what's going on. (now that's fan girling in another level) So we stood there waiting if either Joe, Caspar or Oli a.k.a "JASPOLI" will be there around that time. Suddenly, we heard a few people screaming and started running towards the restaurant in which they were headed. We instantly followed them and we were able to have a glimpse at Joe and Oli. You can probably imagine the outcome of the whole scenario.

I, for one, being petite just sneaked through this huge crowd of fan girls and me yelling, "Joe!, Joe!, JOE!". I was able to see Joe and Oli and the struggle I had to take the picture of either one of them was definitely real. After that whole scene, we spot a few people sneaking to the back of the restaurant and so we followed AGAIN. We found the table where they're staying and thankfully my friend and I were at the very front but it got so wild when everyone else followed. Joe took out his camera and we knew he was taking a video (hopefully we end up in his vlog maybe). Sadly, they put the blinds down and I just went at it and crouch to the ground whilst waving at them. In a few seconds, Oli removed the blinds and he got us on camera. *screams heavily* Immediately, the security told us to leave them alone for privacy. While people were leaving from that area I was left behind and me being all cheeky just waving again at Joe then HE WAVED ME BACK! After that we queued near the elevator, we were just casually standing there waiting for someone to go out, so we were able to see Kurt Hugo Schneider and Macy Kate! (then Kurt high-fived me just saying) We were on a you can probably tell for my lost of proper use of words. An hour later, we needed to go to the ballroom to line up for our wristbands. As we went inside the venue, there were already long lines queuing. Knowing that the show starts in the evening, seeing this many people was insane.

After long hours of standing and waiting in line, of course we got bored and we were on our phones. I, on the other hand, was on Twitter (as per usual). I just sent a tweet to JASPAR saying "Hope we see you guys" (hi Oli I love you), and a few minutes later, JOE FAVORITED MY TWEET. I looked so weird just fan girling in line where everyone was watching and maybe overhearing me. Fast forward to actually waiting for the Meet and Greet, it took so long and we had to go up the venue since ours was scheduled. Once we went inside the venue for the M&G....OH MY GOSH we were in the same room as JASPOLI and we were hoping that if we could actually take pictures with them but it was nearly impossible.

Near, far wherever you are.......

We were supposed to meet Lloyd Cadena, a local YouTuber but something came up. When Caspar was about to leave, we asked the people assigned if we could meet him since ours didn't show. After a short discussion amongst them, they finally allowed us to meet him *fangirling to the max*. I wasn't thinking straight on whether or not I should take a photo of Caspar and I or I should have someone take it for us. In the end, I had someone to take it for us. After the photo was taken, I looked up in order to say thanks and possibly rambling. The first thing I saw was his neck (short girl problems). I had to look all the way up just to get a good look at him and his eyes were twinkling like stars and I was trying to understand what he was saying but then I couldn't stop rambling (and saying, I love you hahaha). It was surreal and unbelievable.


such a cutie

That took an unexpected turn for us and we couldn't put into words after going through all that. I am beyond thankful that I was able to meet new people as well, that we shared common interests (huge fans of Lloyd and Jaspoli also). You never know what could or might happen. Life can surely be amazing when things unexpectedly or something spontaneous happens.

Thank you YTFF! Soon perhaps?

speaking of unexpected, we spot Phil Younghusband too! 


I will stop posting first for a while and will work on my future posts especially my writing. Here's my previous post.

I posted a post reaction vlog to make it more lively. AND, I'm in Oli's vlog!!! (video's down below if you want to see me being all "fangirly")

Brace yourselves.... :)

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