Limitations. A teacher once asked the class about what are our limitations. At first I was taken aback what are my limitations. I came to conclusion that it was a series of unlimited possible reasons. One of which is that I tend to over-complicate on the littlest of things. Some may call it stress, but in most days I constantly worry. College could be another reason. There are no more typical school routines, no more "I don't want to study because I'll wing the test anyway" sayings,  and most of all recess.  In addition, let's not forget uniforms. I, on the other hand, had to discard my own wardrobe and go back to basics. We had the freedom of wearing what we want except RIPPED JEANS. Knowing myself, I own quite a handful of ripped jeans. I wasn't fond of skinny jeans anymore ― if its Topshop (because they have good quality jeans, am I right ladies?) So I decided to channel my grunge side and minimize the use of wearing ripped jeans into this look. I am still baffled by this. Whatever happened to expressing ourselves freely? I'd like to express myself wearing ripped jeans. Haha. Anyway! Speaking of typical school routines, it became inclusive in terms of my transportation going home every day (except Friday since I only have 1 period for the day). Despite the hustle and bustle of my hectic commute going home, it gave me the ability to fend for myself. Being seated inside a classroom filled with people I barely even know and next thing I know I showed my true cheerful, and carefree self. The dejection I had in high school completely faded and it was a time for a clean slate. Quite frankly, I don't want to be the person who has changed just for the sake of changing to adjust to society. The power of change is done by self. Surely, I have some flaws that I still carry from high school but it somehow made me think that maybe these flaws could be aspects of what I am as a person. I may have digressed from what I was saying previously but I have a quote that I got from the movie "Little Black Book" and it goes something like this: ..."A bit bruised, a bit humbled, but hopefully a bit smarter".

Does anyone here over-complicate or even constantly worry like I do? Anyone?

Photography (c) Blanche Adriatico (thanks for shooting with me :) )

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