My Beauty Routine

Hello everyone! As my first semester comes to a close, I've battled my way out into maintaining a good skin regimen. Wandering around the streets of Manila; full of smoke in the air filled with dirt and grime calls for heavy duty skin care products (or at least high maintenance as per se). 

Last August, most specifically the day before college even began; my grandmother and I went to The Body Shop and purchased loads of Tea Tree products. It occurred to me that I had to switch up my skin routine. As we went inside the store, we noticed that there was a sale which was "Buy one, get one for free" as I recall. We purchased one facial wash, two lotions (Fade by Night and Skin Clearing) , and one tea tree oil. It could've been a package if we got the toner but it was over our budget. Nonetheless, I instantly fell in love with these products and surely can't wait to purchase more when I ran out. 

Here I give you the lowdown on how I treat my skin:

1. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial wash - I apply this on my face by getting a small amount. (little is more)
2. Pond's White Beauty Pore Conditioning Toner - If ever I run out of this toner I usually use my Eskinol toner which is always in my bathroom :)
3. Moisturizer - Any moisturizer would do. ( I prefer Celeteque ;) )
4. Tea Tree oil - I use this when I have a pimple or upcoming pimples because I like to keep my face pimple-free :) (who doesn't right haha)
 5. Tea Tree Fade by Night Lotion - Even though it's not shown here (to be honest my mom misplaced it somewhere, way to go mom; I love you still haha); I use this of course when it is nighttime on blemishes.
6. Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion- When I'm lucky and free from pimples I apply this everyday after I wash my face. :) 

 (excuse the casing for my Sunnies :) )

Beauty wise, I became somewhat obsessed with applying make-up. College was the only time where I get to apply make-up in school and actually make use of my lipsticks. Haha. On another note, I don't go heavy with my make-up just the basics: Foundation/Concealer, Powder, Brows, Mascara, and Lippie :) (oh and sometimes eyeliner haha)

Make-up Routine:

1. Moisturizer 
2. Covergirl + Olay CC Cream - I apply this using my fingers and simply spread around starting from my dark circles :)
3. Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation B5 in SPF 24 - (not shown here) I apply this when I am out and about in Manila; I need something to cover up my skin in refraining the sun's UV rays :)
4. Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral 02 - I apply this from my dark circles to the spots I have in my face to cover the redness.
5.  Physicians Formula Super BB Powder - I finish it off with this powder and I use my powder brush to apply it from my cheeks working my way up all over my face :)
6. Maybelline Fashion Brow Pencil 
7. Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara - I curl my eyelashes then apply my favorite mascara :) 
8. Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner ** I opt for eyeliner when I'm in the mood to apply. Haha
9. L'Oreal La Palette Nude 1 - I go for the lighter and metallic shades for a " day look" :)
10. BYS in "Salsa" shade - I pretty much use this shade and my other shades of lipstick ranging from pink nudes to darker berry shades.
11. Beauty Blender - Thanks to Sam (my blockmate & friend) she gave me this beauty blender which I have been eyeing for so long and I have used this when applying my foundation and concealer :)


Credits to Praise Viterbo and Sam Manga who took these photos. Thank you so much! :) x

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