ready, set, let go

Woah. January has been just around the corner... Damn. Ideally, we let go of the things that don't matter—even people. We remove the "toxicity" in our lives that prevent us from moving forward. I'm saying that it is not easy. Maybe for some. It is a process in which we have to deal and quite frankly, we struggle.

Normally, it's a change of mindset to most people that they will improve their eating habits, attitude-wise—basically lifestyle. My dad and I had one of those life talks, as per usual, but this time it was indispensable. Don't get me wrong I was legitimately scared. The heck, "scared" was an understatement. All my years I have lived under a roof, privileged and given what I needed and wanted. But it is more than that. I was in deep thought that if I discontinue what my life is like now and start out of nothing, will I be able to make it to where I am now? 

We all feel lost at some point in our lives, but that does not mean that we will let something or somebody hinder us from what we are capable of. We live in the now that we should start seeking and finding what's truly healthy for us. You're not alone. Everyone gets lost sometimes, we just keep doing what we are supposed to. We live, learn and let go.

Photos taken by Praise 

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