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As you can see I have a new-do, not apparent at all. I decided to get rid of my unruly, layered hair and just have my as per usual annual haircut. I am a person with beyond belief when one decides to cut one's hair it is to remove the past memories that comes along with it. I do not seem to evoke any awful memories after recently having my haircut, specifically over a month ago. But oh man, how it feels SO good. I mean, don't you ever have that feeling after months worth of growing your hair and you out of impulse just CUT IT.  ("Ah! My hair is going to be so healthy and fab after cutting it")You, my friend, are doing yourself a favour. Enough of that jazz about hair, remember when I said February was just around the corner and how time flies so fast? It never occurred to me how I belittle (time) up to this point. With a whole lot of school crap thrown into our face, I've been having writer's or blogger's block lately. Now here I am, in the process of writing everything that took place and such.

Another thing, I know I have not bothered into posting outfit posts and so this was one of the laziest outfits I have worn but it kept the whole 'ME' factor in there: black, florals, white kicks. It was one of those typical lazy Sundays where it was just a laid back-carefree look. 

See you guys in my next post!!

Top H&M
Skirt Cotton On

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