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A tad bit late for summer I suppose, but I got to admit those 5 consecutive days of a so-called break was no merely enough to have a satisfying rest. One thing is for sure that when in the Philippines, it is known for its easy access when it comes to its stunning islands. Although it was not my first time here in Bataan, but it sure did leave a check mark in my list of one of the "beaches I've been to this 2016."  

Our beach trip consisted of basking in the sun, admiring the view and strolling down its historic roots. I found myself debating whether or not I should try snorkelling for the first time, and next thing I know I was strapped in a life jacket and set sailed in this island.  After getting a few scratches from the rocks, and swimming into a bat cave it was one of the best experiences of my life. What were your highlights this summer?

Hope you're all safe and dry for the typhoons ahead of us! What's good, June.

(I took these within the day, it was so beautiful to watch)

 Have a listen to my playlist. Jess Connelly and crwn though. (Can't get enough of those two and post Wanderland jams sigh)

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