PANTONE 15-391

 This year's Pantone colors of the year are Serenity and Rose Quartz, well minus the Rose Quartz. Calm, cool, and collected I would say. Not going to lie, but I have noticed this in almost every caption. Then I thought to myself, if my style was any of these.  Being calm, as depending on the colours on what my mood is. And yet, my palette can be brimful of tones such as neutrals, pastels, basic colours, and even patterns (patterns like stripes 100% of the time). It also depends how you choose to wear your clothing, and if it makes you look "cool" as others would say. What makes it cool is that, how you showcase a style which fits YOU. Of course, if you have reached your style potential and have collected your pieces together you will certainly bring your A-game. Unless you decided to raid your dad's closet and use your mom's pair of shorts at home as your get-up then you have nothing to worry about.

Shirt // Dad's
Shorts // Mom's
Shoes // K-SWISS

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