New year has come and now that I realize I didn't get the chance to post on my birthday/birth-month? How ironic how life can be so tedious at times yet it can be so abrupt. Being in the legal age certainly can get you into thinking that it was the age that you will remodel or perhaps metamorphose. Comprehensively, takes time for you to change and revamp your lifestyle. It is the choices you make in order for you to achieve in becoming a better YOU.

 Here are the things I went through when I was 18 (and this is referring to me in third person but it may also be applicable to you! ;) ) :

1.  New people. Different characters, different attitudes.
2.  New music. You will be into more localindie that is
3.  New adjustments. More on self.
4.  Realizations. A lot of it. (Since 2016 was the year of realizing things, right?)
5.  Doubt.
6.  Existential crisis. Beware!
7.  New style. (Clothing wise obviously)
8.  New mindset.
9.  Motivation (what you do and possibly for exercise too!)
10. New stories


Hope you are having an amazing 2017 so far! and also I would like to say thank you for the birthday greetings.



Photography by Praise Viterbo

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