1. Why the name "The Monochrome Amateur"?

- Don't get me wrong I have said this name over and over my head and it just had a ring to it. Not only that, this fit well for my persona. (e.g. in clothing  wise, personality/mentality, etc.)

2. Why made you start your blog?

- Since I was at school at the time and it was difficult for me to start and to consume my time whilst in the process. I've always wanted to have a blog of my own and to see other inspiring bloggers out there kept me motivated in making this one (shoutout to lexi for helping out kudos to you girl). **NOTE: I started this blog in my senior year of high school and I think it would be a good idea to start at this time. I can work on my writing and learn more during my college years since I am a Multimedia Arts student.

****to be updated soon****