"I love your skirt, where'd you get it?"

**If you didn't know what reference to my title, such a SHAME. Just kidding. But seriously though.**

"We are who we are when it comes to having our own style"I kind of came up with this quote—well its true.

Having a mother who has lived in the 70's era is quite a nag for all things fashion—especially her time. Not going to lie but the fashion now was from way back but with a modern twist to it. As I was growing up, throwing a printed logo shirt, some denim shorts, and a pair of shoes—I am ready to go. I can probably say that my mom has been a great influence when it comes to fashion. (this seems like a continuation to my mother's day post haha)

 I remember when I was eyeing this denim skirt [the TOPSHOP replica] and she got me this blue buttoned down, A-line skirt. Not what I was going for and I mean c'mon a buttoned down skirt? Ain't that cute [funny how I keep looking for those kinds now]. My 14 year old state of mind didn't agree of what my mom bought me (kind of a spoiled brat.....tell me about it....just kidding..........haha). It was a local brand which it made me hesitant (no hate to local brands though......I appreciate them as I was growing up). That is when I realize that skirt was handy and versatile. After that it struck me to be fashion forward"stylishness" as some people may call it. As much as it is tempting to buy as much branded clothing [for its topnotch and exquisite designs], we tend to be brand conscious but it is also good to rely on the local brands as well.

Hat Surplus
 Top & Sandals Forever 21
 Skirt Plains and Prints

Photos taken by my mother (Thanks alot mom!)

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