Who knew I had the idea of making Kid Cudi's song my choice of a blog title? Haha. Well, he is the main act ;) I had the 5 months all to myself and what? Go to a Wanderland Music Festival! Two of my favorite things: art and music. Crazy and not to mention pricey. Not to worry but it was WORTH IT. Since this year's theme was "WanderScout" or camper themed I didn't bother to follow the theme because I was too busy "trying" to channel my Vanessa Hudgens and I was trying to wander around Global Circuit and feel like I was in Coachella. Maybe someday I get to BE in Coachella. MAYBE. I'm only dreaming.Well enough of that dreaming! Without further ado, here's what happened to me in this year's Wanderland. Enjoy!


heres day 2 if you didn't see it yet lol.


I could've sworn I published this yesterday and I don't know why it published on Tuesday.....weird


Hat Surplus
Kimono Cotton On
Sandals Forever 21

Photos: (c) Janina Tam

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