I am titanium!!! (lol)

Louis aka love of my life

 Before the boys were on stage 

the stage!!

(With my bff, Sofi in our monochromatic themed outfits)

Who knew that one summer of last year, my cousin and I were at our gadgets faux bawling but mostly whining over concert tickets in which the concert itself held the following year (more like this year). Majority of you know what particular boy band I'm talking about. Yes, you guessed it none other than ONE DIRECTION. After almost 5 years of the boy band being together and little that we know this member left the group due to personal reasons (cries again because of reminiscing). And no I'm not going any further about Zayn leaving as I have posted and had released all my dejection whilst writing it. Moving on, (I don't think I ever will tbh...) watching your faves for the first time on stage is such a surreal feeling. Even though I wasn't that close (we were in the Titanium section and we were close to a big projector so we get to see a close up on them haha) I enjoyed every minute, every second of it by taking approximately 50 plus videos on my phone. I had to sacrifice a lot during that night to delete most of my apps to have room to take videos. Commitment and dedication, ladies and gentlemen. Despite the humid weather and our high-pitched screams in the mix it was definitely worth it. What made it worthwhile was that I got to meet new people and in the end I somehow became their friends afterwards even though I barely even know these people (You know who you guys are). Just thinking back how we came across complaining of not getting tickets and from that night to actually watching the concert was something that I was mostly thankful for (Thanks mom). I am sure many of you or perhaps some of you went to this concert and this is how it went for me.

Outfit wise, I wasn't able to take a picture of what I was wearing but this was a replica of it. Forgive me that I didn't take any more photos because I was too caught up in taking the videos for the whole concert but here are some snaps. ^^Enjoy!


Today is day 2 of throwback week and if you haven't catch on reading for day 1 click here (in case if any of you are lazy to go to the previous post so I can make your lives easier jk)


Happy Birthday Ashton Irwin!!! xx

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