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If you could recall my blog post about how my first week went into college, I am here to tell you that I have finished my first year and it was one hell of it all. I am talking about sleepless nights (perks of being a college student), procrastination, plates (the art kind), anxiety (this goes for me), stress and professors. I knew I had this all coming and it did take-its-toll on me. This outfit post was prolonged than usual, but hey, consider this as an update from my month long hiatus. It was indeed a productive day, which consisted of shooting for a (magazine) school project, and more shooting for this blog post's sake. Of course, with the help of two of my photographer best friends, Praise and Sam. The two had different outcomes from their own choice of camera. When it came to the photos, nonetheless it came out more than I expected. 


Did you notice the new layout?? ;)

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